Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life Update:

TIRED! Oh so tired. These last two weeks children of the bay area have had spring break so my store is flooded with families everyday. Good for business that is for sure but I have had two new employees that have started and needed training during the craziness that I just could not do properly. They are now very good at the simplest of our store tasks such as washing dishes, changing out tables and general cleaning but on all other fronts still very unaware. It isn't their fault that both of them were scheduled to be trained on the two busiest weeks of Spring. The hard part is when I am not at work and I know my staff is feeling the pressure of not having the second pair of hands at the studio know how to do things. My phone has been ringing more times these two weeks than in the two and a half years I have worked at Color Me Mine. (Management struggles I guess.)

I know my staff feels broken at the end of the week because I feel broken down too. Luckily for us spring break is over so we can go back to the normal craziness only being on weekends.

43 more days until I start a new adventure.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Less than two months till I can leave and start a new adventure.