Monday, December 14, 2015

Black Friday Haul

I made this video with my little sister just of the random things we got on black friday. We had fun shopping with our family and making this video. Can't wait to wear all the beautiful new clothes!

Holiday Wreaths

This season I have made quite a few holiday wreaths to sell at a craft fair to raise money for a hospital. I went in completely different directions for each one because Christmas can be a lot of different things. Here are my different designs:

Joyful Christmas. (I made this one for my daycare)

Blue Christmas. (Me and my eight year old made this one)

These next wreaths I just made for the sake of getting the ideas out and using my hands. I ended up taking them to a charity craft show to sell. Some sold and some didn't but good fun all around.

Mini wreaths! (I was thinking for desks or like your kitchen or bathroom)

Then I made this guy for the front of my friends jeep!! It is weather resistant and jingles all the way.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a great December!!