Saturday, January 16, 2016

Painting My Living Room (time lapse)

Here is the blog post from when I wrote about painting it:

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Welcome 2016!

I started this year off so fantastic I am excited to see what the rest of the year brings. I have some goals for this year that I want to share of just a few things I want to start and hopefully make into habits that I continue doing longer than most people keep resolutions.

1. Eat healthier
I actually do this often but with the fall to winter holidays comes too much candy and sweets and I cannot finish it all. I have piles and bags filled with candies and cookies that I find myself reaching for them more than normal food. Throughout the year I don't really ever buy junky food because real food is so good. So this is on my list of goals to remind myself to jump off the chocolate train.

2. Pay off student loan
I have one and have been making small payments every month because I like to have savings just in case of an emergency and other reasons BUT right now I feel really good about my living situation and my three jobs so I am wanting to focus on paying it all off. huge chunks at a time.

3. Learn a new language
I want new knowledge. Plain and simple. I am thinking Russian or American Sign Language.

4. Start Exercising for Mental Stress Release
I want to find a sport or activity I can do to let off some steam. I work with kids a lot so I do get exercise in the form of running around, picking up kids/holding babies, etc etc.... I am always on my feet. I want to start kickboxing or jujitsu or hot yoga or surfing. I just want an activity to do that is tough but fun. I hold a lot in so if I find a sport I can really get into I think my mind could settle easier.

5. Blog and Youtube more
It brings me closer to my sister, I love an outlet to express myself and its pure fun. I just want to do more of it.

Overall I am very excited for this year!!

My Ornament Collection!

I made this video displaying the ornaments that have been picked out for me or by me each Christmas I have been alive. It's a tradition my mom started when she had me and it has stuck because even to this day I am always so excited to find my ornament and put the year on it.