Saturday, July 9, 2016


If you've ever been to Austin, Texas you might have heard of Franklin's BBQ. It is said to be the best BBQ around and if word of mouth isn't enough for you the line outside the door is a good indication of just how good the food really is. We arrived just after 7am and were probably behind thirty people and the line continued to grow after us. Franklin's doesn't open until 11am and they are only open until food is all sold (roughly 3pm). We waited four and a half hours to get the BBQ and it was worth the wait. While in line we played games like Adventure Time Card Wars and Sorry or chatted up the guy ahead of us who came to Franklin's straight from the airport.

Here is a snap from our first attempt and getting Franklin's BBQ the week before. We arrived around 9am and they told us that they weren't sure if there would be any but if there was we would be served at 3pm. We opted out and figured we would try again (with success) Though we went to another BBQ place called Salt Lick that was all you can eat BBQ. Not bad at all but not Franklin's.

I recommend that everyone have a tourist day where ever you visit. Do something you cannot do in any other city because you will never forget it. We explored all three accessible floors of the capitol building to beat the heat but also just to see all the history and craftsmanship put into that building.

 If you like art, color and/or making a mess then Baylor Street Art Wall is the place for you to visit. This is a free space and totally legal to vandalize so BYOSP! (bring your own spray paint). I also recommend a camera because the backdrop is amazing. The temporary life span of your artwork is sort of the best part so snap a picture because it most likely wont be there when you return. Enjoy!

Spend a day on the Colorado River and see the lovely Austin city skyline as you float on down. There are plenty of kayak, canoe and paddle board rental spots all along the river or bring your own and ship off. I recommend bringing sunscreen and a cooler filled with your preferred beverages. The weather is much cooler on the river than on land plus the perks of being able to see turtles everywhere makes it an ideal relaxed kind of day. If you get a one day fishing license from any local Walmart you can even do some fishing on the river. Tip: If on a kayak remember to tie down everything you don't want to lose in the river in case you accidentally capsize. Especially when fishing because you can yank the fishing rod to hard and flip over I have learned.

If you are looking to have a blast try shooting off some guns in a safe environment. We went to Eagle Peak Shooting Range and had a heck of a day. The gentlemen who run the place have got a tight ship and are very cautious and conscious of everything going on especially if it is unsafe. They have a handgun range and a rifle range neatly set up for use. We brought our own guns, ammo and safety equipment though they do have a little shop on the premises I'm not sure what it exactly carries.  Remember to follow all rules when you are handling guns and near other people shooting off guns.

 Those were some of the highlights from my trip to Austin, Texas! Hope y'all enjoyed!