Monday, October 5, 2015

How to deal with Wisdom Teeth

So this is my experience and tips that could help you if you are about to go get your wisdom teeth pulled. This is just based off what I wanted and needed each person I am sure is different. For me personally my teeth/ holes where teeth use to be did not hurt me throughout these days you will see. My trouble was the swelling. I was swollen always throughout the day and for good fair few days. Also I talked a lot every day even if my mouth didn't open very wide which probably wasn't the smartest. Anyways here is my experience summed up and tips.

Tip: Take a video of yourself on the car ride home. It is something memorable and could be funny to go back and watch. Who cares if you don't look cute you just had oral surgery. Me: 

DAY 1 
Tip: ICE PACKS. Ice your face constantly. The swelling for me was the worse part. My teeth didn't hurt but the swelling made my face heavy and annoying. So ice, ice, ice. I only took the hardcore pill once right at the beginning and then took Tylenol normal strength instead of the hardcore drug.

                                   DAY 2
Tip: Sleep a lot this day. Wake up to take your pills and then try to sleep. While you are awake keep icing your face. The swelling feels like hard plastic just pulling on your jaw. It will be a nuisances!             

        DAY 3
Tip: Warm wash cloth feels amazing but don't forget to keep icing your face. Also mashed potatoes are heavenly.

 DAY 4
My bruises started showing up on this day. Swelling going down but still present. Kept taking pills and occasionally iced. Rinsing mouth with salt water since cant fit toothbrush in.

Tip: Eat things you don't mind just swallowing. Spaghetti O's were awesomely easy to eat. Iced more because swelling started to get bigger again. 

Tip: Laugh. I watched my video of the ride home and all the stuff I was saying with my family and couldn't help but crack up which is tough and tiring for the mouth that wants to stay small BUT I found it super effective on loosening my muscles. 

of day 6

 Bruises really shining through but swelling down significantly.Mostly swollen on inside so lots of accidental cheek biting. Still eating pretty soft low key foods. 

Still swollen on inside. Started to try eating more chew-able food with success but took time. Bruises still evident. Brushing front teeth with toothbrush.

Today is DAY 10 since getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I can finally open my mouth to a reasonable level (though a fat cherry tomato is still to big to fit between my teeth when I open my mouth). I can brush my teeth fairly well without worry of catching my stitches. I am no longer taking any medicine. My gums still feel a little swollen but nothing like before. Because they feel a little swollen I still rinse my mouth with salt water at least once a day to kill bacteria. I can feel everything happening in my mouth when I eat right now which is strange because before my wisdom teeth were evicted I wasn't this hyper aware of the workings in my mouth. Chewing is a workout! It takes me an hour to eat three cinnamon rolls or three chicken stripes. Meals are not quick and probably wont be for a while.

DIY Halloween Wreath 2

Take a trip to the dollar store first things first and buy all the cute things you want to put into your wreath. I bought $20 worth of things and ended up only using $10 worth in the wreath.

This wreath is witch themed.
First I played around with the idea of flowers on one side to give it that feminine touch. I was playing with the blacks, purples and oranges to see what worked.

Then I took the two colors of ribbon I liked most and wrapped them around in a repeating pattern. Start by tying one end to a starting point then string your ribbon. Pulling tightly as I went so there was no room for the ribbon to slide around. Then tie it off at your ending point. I am leaving room so I can do a flower piece.

Next I created a bow by making a loop wrap around about ten times and then tying a knot in the center to give it that bow look. With the excess I started wrapping it around the wrath in no particular pattern just kept it going around since the black ribbon was so long. 

With the excess orange and purple ribbon I wrapped it around a few of the black loops in the bow. This just gives it a extra special pop.

Then for the flowers! It is totally a person choice how many you put on. I choose to only do a little bit because I was loving how the wreath looked and didn't want to over power it. One purple rose, two orange flowers, three black roses and black glitter berries. Also a spider because it is Halloween after all.


After the flowers were placed I took a spiderweb I got from the store and tied it onto the wreath with some little string. I also cut up a holiday card that had the perfect witch silhouette on it. It was a yellow card so I decided to cut a moon shape out behind her so the scissor work would be a little easier. I mounted her on with some tape and a string so that she would stay secure.

Once the witch was secure the wreath was finished. 

 All we needed was orange, purple and black ribbon, two flower bundles, a holiday card, a spiderweb, a wreath frame and a wreath holder. Then of course a door to hang it on.

Creativity can take you a long way! This was the second one I have made ever. Can't wait for the next time I get to make one.

Fall Haul

Oh my Autumn! I am falling for you.

This has always been my favorite time of year. Cozy clothes, pumpkin everything and the amount of things colored orange is fantastic! My list could go on and on of why I absolutely love this season but instead I want to show the amazingly cute things I got to decorate my new place since I don't really own decorations.

Target dollar spot was spot on with their supply of decorations this year. I bought absolutely to much but really not enough at all.Then Big Lots did not disappoint either with their pumpkin selection. Also pillows.From a local bakery I got lace spiderweb dollies and a lace Halloween table cover that are to die for. The detailing is immaculate. Also at the dollar store I got a black light. Which how cool is that?! Cheap and fun to use on Halloween.

So here are some photos of the decorations up in my house. They are ever changing and the collection is growing. 

For $3 each I got these pumpkins and the spooky sign from Target

 These wire pumpkins were also found at Target for $3 each as well as the candy corn mason jars.
 Spiderweb lace!!! I got two for $2 each at the local bakery called The Farm.
This trick or treat sign was a dollar while the lights were $3 at Target.
 Banner made out of two separate banner sets and letters from two separate sets all for $3 each at Target.
 $3 for each jar and $1 for the hello fall sign from dollar spot in Target.
EEK was $3 while the other two were $1 each found in Target.
$3, $1, $3....all from Target.
 $3 a set. Each came with a variously striped second washcloth at Target.
 These little rugs were $3 each at Target and are now lovely inside my front door for people to see first.
 All Target and all $3.

 Four fang cards for $1 and the two bowls and serving tray were all $3 each.
 Beautiful lace table cloth $30 (I think) from The Farm.
 The little black tree was from Target for $3.
 Hand-me-down Frankenstein couple candle holders and ghost candles. Along came a spider bowl for $2.50 for local charity shop called Caroline's.
 With time I added the other two wash clothes because I thought it looked fuller.
I got the red, orange and grey pillows from Big Lots $10 each so my couch could look fuller.
These pumpkins both big and small along with the bat marquee were purchased from Big Lots as well. Bat and multi colored pumpkin were $12 each and other pumpkin and assorted little pumpkins and pine cones were $8 a bag and I got two bags.

I later added this wicker pumpkin $8 from Big Lots to add more variety to my Target pumpkins.

 Claw salad tongs for $12 to spook up my kitchen.

I made my own wreath to hang on my door.
 A fall time coaster from a set of four I found at a local Goodwill for $4.
An owl I painted resting on a $7 leaf copper bowl found at Caroline's.

I hope you have been inspired and have fun 
decorating your own space!