Saturday, July 11, 2015

New things are often scary.

I have had a lot of new this last month from neighborhood to job (or lack there of). There are a lot of moments to be scared by BUT there are a lot of moments to embrace. At night I run and jump on the bed when I flip the light switch off because the dark is scary. Definitely at my place now because I don't have an ounce of light and there are no streetlights to be seen from my home at all. But the up side to that is I am finally in my own space, there are no street lights bothering me with their light as well as nobody under that streetlight making noise in the middle of the night. I am scared I will not find a job and then become homeless......kinda. Though I know I have enough work experience that I will find something even if it is not my dream job. Also savings help me be picky. I realize that it is nothing to be scared of it is more an opportunity to try new things, learn a new skill and meet new people. There is no reason I will be stuck in anything I choose. That is the best thing I have learned is that everything is temporary. Fear is temporary and so is happiness. That just means I am going to try for happiness and not worry about the fear.