Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bathroom Design Progress

 The bathroom before pictures are very basic and boring. I like the tile in the shower because it is a sandy color which goes with my nautical theme. I got my hands on this beautiful shelving unit as well so that gives a little more to the space. 

Tarping a bathroom is horrible stuff! Wrapping the tarp around the toilet but also making sure it is against the wall on the floor and then around the shower. It is extra horrible because it is the smallest space to paint. The suffering was worth it though because the bathroom is beautiful all painted and with the accessories I purchased hung up. The blue seems to change colors depending on the lighting getting in the room but either way I love it. Though this room isn't finished yet I love how it is coming together. 


I am definitely loving this stained glass ship I hung in the window. 

Kitchen and desk area progress

These are some before photos of my kitchen and dining area I am turning into a desk area. It is a very open floor plan which I like a lot. I also has the most windows along the wall so prime sunlight.


 First thing I did was went to Home Depot and bought my colors, an edger, extra roller add ons, two sets that included big and small rollers/paint brush/paint can opener/paint tin, blue tape and tarps. Painting is not cheap by any means but the upside is I now own rollers and things so I do not need to purchase more. Putting down a tarp is no joking matter. It took quite some time to tap it down and cover all of the important surfaces.

The kitchen painting then began and just looked so wonderful the more white walls were covered in Laser Lemon. Since it is a textured wall we did two coats of paint everywhere then I took a fine tip paint brush and filled in any spots a roller or big brush couldn't get. A fine tip brush is also good for around light sockets since when they are taped you sometimes get a bit of the wall in the tape line.

While the kitchen walls were drying we moved on to the desk areas walls. With the help of these two we got the walls done fairly quickly. TIP: Always ask your friends for help. We ended up having to do three coats of paint on this area not just because of the textured wall but because the color didn't even out until the third coat. Especially along the edge against the ceiling you could see a huge color difference. But with help and more paint we evened the color.

 So here are the after look of the colors during a nice sunny time of day. I put up shelves to display the many trinkets I own. Every time I walk into my house and see the colors shining brightly a smile lights up on my face. I feel so happy cooking in my cute nerdy kitchen and working at my very me desk. (Pardon the messes in some of the pictures these spaces are still works in progress.) 



When I choose my colors and decorate the spaces the only person I am thinking about is me. I am the one who is going to live here every day. I did asked some of my family and friends about the colors I was thinking when in swatch form I got responses like the colors are "too bright" or "not really a kitchen color". I didn't let it alter my vision. Though hearing other peoples opinions was quite helpful because I looked at the colors others offered in suggestions and knew that those were not me and didn't go with my vision for the spaces. Now that the spaces are coming together and paint is fully up everyone seems to love the colors as much as I do.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I saw Tomorrowland last night which is when I really should have wrote this but I was not near my computer.

What did it make you think? Did you get the message?

I was having a discussion with my friend about the ending because he thought it was vague and what I took from it was that everyone is just waiting around for scientists to figure out our worlds problems while we all don't do anything out of our way to help contribute. As long as it doesn't take time or cost money than people are on board. We expect the smart scientists to solve our problems but get mad that isn't happening quickly enough. That's like tomorrowland where they only took the scientists/inventors back with them to better their society originally. Now at the end the new robot children are set out to find "dreamers". The people who will not give up on their passion or continue to better the environment even if goes unnoticed. A ballerina, a lady planting trees in urban areas, a man protecting wild animals from hunters, a teacher, etc. these people may not be scientists but they are the hard workers who have unmeasurable will and persistence which is needed in stopping the end of the world through positive change on earth.

In real life how many people do you know that preach and preach about a cause or a way of life and then do not actively participate in it? I know so many people who speak about helping the less fortunate through charities or giving gifts at Christmas but have never thought to stop and buy a meal for the homeless person on the street on a regular day. I have been preached at about recycling and how I must do it but that same person goes through five plastic water bottles on a daily basis when a reusable travel mug would be much better for the environment. People who get mad at the government or at scientists because they are not doing enough to find a way to save the plant from this or that but offer no solutions themselves. I understand as humans we are judgmental and selfishly stuck in our own lives but in order to help you must try.

That is what I got from the movie. I am not saying it is a perfect movie or that I even got the message right but I believe in humans power to change.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Update on new place.

I have a lot of things in the rooms I think they would probably go but nowhere near done or organized to my final liking. Haven't painted yet. Gotta wait on that because it's expense and I bought a bed and couch first. The floor plan of each of my rooms turns out to be completely different now that I have the couch in the room or the dresser in the room. It is turning into something new that I am falling for. No use getting hung up on ideas that don't work. 

The plan and process is still underway. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Food for thought: current events

All I want to say on the Jenner "issue" . After seeing opinions and articles everywhere this is all I really have to say:

You know maybe the world is getting a bit more confusing. Maybe "woman" or "man" might not mean what they do anymore and that scares people. We were all born with labels and we have defined them in our minds to mean individual things due to our experiences. I find I have grown into defining myself by my name. Yes I am a woman in the physical and emotional sense but maybe I am also a "man" in the sense that I strive to be strong and protect the people I love. These labels don't really mean much but the bathroom we use in public. Clothes/shoes/magazines/sports..etc are all seperate but that never has stopped a woman from trying to join a mans team or wearing men's clothes nor from men wearing women's clothes and makeup. 

For years I have said my religion is Katana because I do not believe in just one thing while at the same time I do not want to hinder anyone else in their beliefs unless they put me and my own in danger. Now I am Katana. I will live my life the way I choose. I will not hold judgement over others who are discovering their own path in the world. I will use a woman's restroom because that is where I feel comfortable and I will anytime I please wear some men's clothing because I feel comfortable in them. 

Have a nice day!