Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DIY Spring Wreath

Today I made a spring time wreath that can also carry on as an Easter one as well. I used a Dollartree wire wreath mold, 5 bundles of flowers (these were leftover after tea party) and a rabbit banner from Targets dollar spot. That comes out to about nine dollars and you can make a beautiful wreath! 

I like to start with an idea in my head and warp it as I'm working. The flowers are the tricky part because you have to twist the wires all around which isn't easy and takes some thought placement wise. Remember: with fake flowers you can swap the colors around from stem to stem if you think a color is taking over a section and you want to break it up. 

Then I just took my rabbits and figured out my pattern and how many I wanted to use. Tied then off and voila! My front door is a nice green so I didn't add anything dazzling above or around the rabbits because my door will do the hard work. 

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