Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today I went to Ihop right when they opened at six o'clock this morning because I was up. I zonked out last night after I got home from school and the gym at about five or so in the afternoon. Then I woke up at three this morning totally awake thus the Ihop going then to work.

I work at a pottery painting studio where anyone can come in and paint a ceramic bisque piece then we glaze and fire them to become a shiny glassy finish. Super exciting I know. There is a lot of behind the curtain work that is done when nobody is painting so there is always something to be done. It gets exhausting at times and fun at others. Today we had a girl scout party come in so we show them all the behind the scenes work so that they can earn their badges after they paint their pieces. It was cute because they had all these questions that they couldn't contain while I was talking they kept blurting them out. Then I met up with Melissa and we had dinner and talked about school and work. And now I am here writing this while watching The Flash on hulu.

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