Friday, February 6, 2015

Horns Movie Review (Spoilers!)


First time watching

Jumped twice

Didn't cry

The best part about this movie is that they keep you guessing on who killed the girl. I always make a prediction right at the start of the movie when you get introduced to the first few characters that way I can see if the movie went the obvious root or if they twist it making you think it is one guy but really another. My prediction at the beginning of the movie was Daniel Radcliffe's characters brother was wrong. Throughout the movie you get more and more suspicious of everyone. 

Throughout the movie you cringe quite a few times when people are "confessing their sins" to the main character. Some of the confessions are hilarious but others it is quite awkward to hear. Especially the the confessions of his parents to him. Those ones are bad. 

Nudity alert! 
You definitely see penis in this movie and boobs. For anyone who chooses movies for that reason.

The horns. The actual horns are so bad ass looking. Obviously painful looking as well but oh my goodness through out the movie they grow bigger and bigger. It is so majestic looking even though they are meant to portray "the devil".

Seven Sins (in my opinion) 
Wrath- Main character throughout the movie
Sloth- His brother is slow to speak up and stand by him.
Greed- Waitress lying for financial gain
Pride- His parents disowning him
Lust & Envy- Best friend the whole movie
Gluttony- Girl eating all the donuts just to get fat because nobody likes her

There are obviously more this movie is riddled with sins and craziness but that is kind of the best part about it. 

Also there is an awesome tree house!

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