Monday, February 16, 2015

PROS & CONS of Valentines Day!

  1. People are a lot happier/nicer.
  2. Lots of red everywhere.
  3. Another reason to decorate. 
  4. Seeing little old men walking around with flowers.
  5. Couples dressed up.
  6. People actually thinking of their significant other.
  7. Flowers and chocolates.
  8. Kids excitement over giving valentines in school.
  9. Valentines cards on the internet are hilarious and way better then store ones.
  10. Working to make everyone's night special.
  11. WE get to spend the day or night doing something fun.
  12. Love in the air.

  1. Leading up to the day people are stressed about making it perfect.
  2. Aggressively pink items everywhere. 
  3. Everything says "I Love You" on it. 
  4. Having last minute shoppers get mad at you for not having the present they want.
  5. Couples overly dressed up. (Suits/heels to paint pottery or movies is a bit much)
  6. Buying something just because you have to for valentines day.
  7. Giant teddy bears.
  8. Being an adult and nobody gives out little valentines anymore.
  9. People not understanding why you bought funny valentines card online for yourself.
  10. WORKING to make everyone's night special.
  11. Guys are expected to plan and pay for everything. (Not true for everyone but I know some girls who do.)
  12. Being with someone because you are scared you'll never find anyone else.... in the air.

These aren't all of them but rather the ones I thought up at the moment. I like and dislike V-day. I am more a fan when it is genuine or even punny and not so much when it is forced. I don't think valentines day needs to be filled with an expensive night out or even gifts not that those are terrible things and don't show love but people should live within their means and do something they will enjoy together. 

Just some thoughts this V-day.


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