Monday, October 5, 2015

How to deal with Wisdom Teeth

So this is my experience and tips that could help you if you are about to go get your wisdom teeth pulled. This is just based off what I wanted and needed each person I am sure is different. For me personally my teeth/ holes where teeth use to be did not hurt me throughout these days you will see. My trouble was the swelling. I was swollen always throughout the day and for good fair few days. Also I talked a lot every day even if my mouth didn't open very wide which probably wasn't the smartest. Anyways here is my experience summed up and tips.

Tip: Take a video of yourself on the car ride home. It is something memorable and could be funny to go back and watch. Who cares if you don't look cute you just had oral surgery. Me: 

DAY 1 
Tip: ICE PACKS. Ice your face constantly. The swelling for me was the worse part. My teeth didn't hurt but the swelling made my face heavy and annoying. So ice, ice, ice. I only took the hardcore pill once right at the beginning and then took Tylenol normal strength instead of the hardcore drug.

                                   DAY 2
Tip: Sleep a lot this day. Wake up to take your pills and then try to sleep. While you are awake keep icing your face. The swelling feels like hard plastic just pulling on your jaw. It will be a nuisances!             

        DAY 3
Tip: Warm wash cloth feels amazing but don't forget to keep icing your face. Also mashed potatoes are heavenly.

 DAY 4
My bruises started showing up on this day. Swelling going down but still present. Kept taking pills and occasionally iced. Rinsing mouth with salt water since cant fit toothbrush in.

Tip: Eat things you don't mind just swallowing. Spaghetti O's were awesomely easy to eat. Iced more because swelling started to get bigger again. 

Tip: Laugh. I watched my video of the ride home and all the stuff I was saying with my family and couldn't help but crack up which is tough and tiring for the mouth that wants to stay small BUT I found it super effective on loosening my muscles. 

of day 6

 Bruises really shining through but swelling down significantly.Mostly swollen on inside so lots of accidental cheek biting. Still eating pretty soft low key foods. 

Still swollen on inside. Started to try eating more chew-able food with success but took time. Bruises still evident. Brushing front teeth with toothbrush.

Today is DAY 10 since getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I can finally open my mouth to a reasonable level (though a fat cherry tomato is still to big to fit between my teeth when I open my mouth). I can brush my teeth fairly well without worry of catching my stitches. I am no longer taking any medicine. My gums still feel a little swollen but nothing like before. Because they feel a little swollen I still rinse my mouth with salt water at least once a day to kill bacteria. I can feel everything happening in my mouth when I eat right now which is strange because before my wisdom teeth were evicted I wasn't this hyper aware of the workings in my mouth. Chewing is a workout! It takes me an hour to eat three cinnamon rolls or three chicken stripes. Meals are not quick and probably wont be for a while.

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