Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Haul

Oh my Autumn! I am falling for you.

This has always been my favorite time of year. Cozy clothes, pumpkin everything and the amount of things colored orange is fantastic! My list could go on and on of why I absolutely love this season but instead I want to show the amazingly cute things I got to decorate my new place since I don't really own decorations.

Target dollar spot was spot on with their supply of decorations this year. I bought absolutely to much but really not enough at all.Then Big Lots did not disappoint either with their pumpkin selection. Also pillows.From a local bakery I got lace spiderweb dollies and a lace Halloween table cover that are to die for. The detailing is immaculate. Also at the dollar store I got a black light. Which how cool is that?! Cheap and fun to use on Halloween.

So here are some photos of the decorations up in my house. They are ever changing and the collection is growing. 

For $3 each I got these pumpkins and the spooky sign from Target

 These wire pumpkins were also found at Target for $3 each as well as the candy corn mason jars.
 Spiderweb lace!!! I got two for $2 each at the local bakery called The Farm.
This trick or treat sign was a dollar while the lights were $3 at Target.
 Banner made out of two separate banner sets and letters from two separate sets all for $3 each at Target.
 $3 for each jar and $1 for the hello fall sign from dollar spot in Target.
EEK was $3 while the other two were $1 each found in Target.
$3, $1, $3....all from Target.
 $3 a set. Each came with a variously striped second washcloth at Target.
 These little rugs were $3 each at Target and are now lovely inside my front door for people to see first.
 All Target and all $3.

 Four fang cards for $1 and the two bowls and serving tray were all $3 each.
 Beautiful lace table cloth $30 (I think) from The Farm.
 The little black tree was from Target for $3.
 Hand-me-down Frankenstein couple candle holders and ghost candles. Along came a spider bowl for $2.50 for local charity shop called Caroline's.
 With time I added the other two wash clothes because I thought it looked fuller.
I got the red, orange and grey pillows from Big Lots $10 each so my couch could look fuller.
These pumpkins both big and small along with the bat marquee were purchased from Big Lots as well. Bat and multi colored pumpkin were $12 each and other pumpkin and assorted little pumpkins and pine cones were $8 a bag and I got two bags.

I later added this wicker pumpkin $8 from Big Lots to add more variety to my Target pumpkins.

 Claw salad tongs for $12 to spook up my kitchen.

I made my own wreath to hang on my door.
 A fall time coaster from a set of four I found at a local Goodwill for $4.
An owl I painted resting on a $7 leaf copper bowl found at Caroline's.

I hope you have been inspired and have fun 
decorating your own space!

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