Monday, October 5, 2015

DIY Halloween Wreath 2

Take a trip to the dollar store first things first and buy all the cute things you want to put into your wreath. I bought $20 worth of things and ended up only using $10 worth in the wreath.

This wreath is witch themed.
First I played around with the idea of flowers on one side to give it that feminine touch. I was playing with the blacks, purples and oranges to see what worked.

Then I took the two colors of ribbon I liked most and wrapped them around in a repeating pattern. Start by tying one end to a starting point then string your ribbon. Pulling tightly as I went so there was no room for the ribbon to slide around. Then tie it off at your ending point. I am leaving room so I can do a flower piece.

Next I created a bow by making a loop wrap around about ten times and then tying a knot in the center to give it that bow look. With the excess I started wrapping it around the wrath in no particular pattern just kept it going around since the black ribbon was so long. 

With the excess orange and purple ribbon I wrapped it around a few of the black loops in the bow. This just gives it a extra special pop.

Then for the flowers! It is totally a person choice how many you put on. I choose to only do a little bit because I was loving how the wreath looked and didn't want to over power it. One purple rose, two orange flowers, three black roses and black glitter berries. Also a spider because it is Halloween after all.


After the flowers were placed I took a spiderweb I got from the store and tied it onto the wreath with some little string. I also cut up a holiday card that had the perfect witch silhouette on it. It was a yellow card so I decided to cut a moon shape out behind her so the scissor work would be a little easier. I mounted her on with some tape and a string so that she would stay secure.

Once the witch was secure the wreath was finished. 

 All we needed was orange, purple and black ribbon, two flower bundles, a holiday card, a spiderweb, a wreath frame and a wreath holder. Then of course a door to hang it on.

Creativity can take you a long way! This was the second one I have made ever. Can't wait for the next time I get to make one.

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