Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Simple Spiderweb Halloween Costume

DIY! All you need is spider temporary tattoos & white yarn!!

I first applied all of the temporary tattoos starting at my wrists and doing them in zones with about four in each area to start. This way you have enough to make it up your neck without running out. Then you just fill in where you think you need it. I only did tattoos on the front half of my arms with all the spiders facing their heads towards mine. 

 Then I put on an all black outfit (best to figure out ahead of time so you know where to put your spiders) from my closet so the web would contrast. For the web all you do is tie a piece of yarn around your waist then have five pieces of yarn tied hanging vertically on the string. Next you just add as many loops as you want by giving slack to your string before you tie it to each of the five vertical strings. Continue until desired look is achieved! (I personally did six vertical with three loops in each zone). I also added a head piece web for a more flapper vibe using the same technique to tie because my head was feeling lack luster. 

WARNING: People will do a double take when you walk by because they think your spiders are real. Especially kids!! 

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