Monday, November 16, 2015

Playful Pumpkin Ideas

1. Painting plastic pumpkins! I taped off a minion eye and overalls then painted both pumpkins with yellow house paint I had left over from my kitchen. Three coats of paint for the orange pumpkin and two for the white one. 

After it was dry I peeled the tape off and painted the blue overalls on. I only needed one coat because it was dark enough that nothing showed through.

Then the eyes I touched up with white and outlined in grey. All so far is house paint I had leftover from projects. Then came the black strap for the goggles and eyes which were done with acrylic paint. Lastly a tiny black mouth on each and little G logo for Gru.

2. Painting pumpkins with an eight year old! I let her pick out her favorite color and a type of glitter and then we just got a small pack of multicolored acrylics. She did solid color and then glitter over top while I did a sugar skull front/pineapple back at the request of her mama.
On the second round of pumpkins she started off with her base color then drew a cat and did her family name and all sorts of designs and of course glitter. I also did her families names in banners and then let her draw and glitter anything and everything around them.

3. Painting pumpkins with a two year old! Gave her multiple WATERCOLOR paint colors and glitter. With little little ones it is better just to let her do whatever she wants and get as messy as she wants. No matter what it will turn out cute and they are happy you didn't take over the project in search of perfection.

4. Painting my own pumpkins!! These are Halloween creepy themed pumpkins for my sisters party. I quickly painted these which I think was helpful because I didn't overthink what I could do. Took a total of five minutes tops on each pumpkin. Good centerpieces! Also jack from different angles is so cool!!
5. CARVING! I know it isn't to many peoples favorite way to do pumpkins now but I like the tradition of it. Downside is it only lasts a week before it gets gross. I just carved a classic face and made him goob-ish. All with one tool the standard one that comes in all carving packs and the scraper that isn't a giant spoon.

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