Thursday, June 18, 2015


I saw Tomorrowland last night which is when I really should have wrote this but I was not near my computer.

What did it make you think? Did you get the message?

I was having a discussion with my friend about the ending because he thought it was vague and what I took from it was that everyone is just waiting around for scientists to figure out our worlds problems while we all don't do anything out of our way to help contribute. As long as it doesn't take time or cost money than people are on board. We expect the smart scientists to solve our problems but get mad that isn't happening quickly enough. That's like tomorrowland where they only took the scientists/inventors back with them to better their society originally. Now at the end the new robot children are set out to find "dreamers". The people who will not give up on their passion or continue to better the environment even if goes unnoticed. A ballerina, a lady planting trees in urban areas, a man protecting wild animals from hunters, a teacher, etc. these people may not be scientists but they are the hard workers who have unmeasurable will and persistence which is needed in stopping the end of the world through positive change on earth.

In real life how many people do you know that preach and preach about a cause or a way of life and then do not actively participate in it? I know so many people who speak about helping the less fortunate through charities or giving gifts at Christmas but have never thought to stop and buy a meal for the homeless person on the street on a regular day. I have been preached at about recycling and how I must do it but that same person goes through five plastic water bottles on a daily basis when a reusable travel mug would be much better for the environment. People who get mad at the government or at scientists because they are not doing enough to find a way to save the plant from this or that but offer no solutions themselves. I understand as humans we are judgmental and selfishly stuck in our own lives but in order to help you must try.

That is what I got from the movie. I am not saying it is a perfect movie or that I even got the message right but I believe in humans power to change.

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