Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kitchen and desk area progress

These are some before photos of my kitchen and dining area I am turning into a desk area. It is a very open floor plan which I like a lot. I also has the most windows along the wall so prime sunlight.


 First thing I did was went to Home Depot and bought my colors, an edger, extra roller add ons, two sets that included big and small rollers/paint brush/paint can opener/paint tin, blue tape and tarps. Painting is not cheap by any means but the upside is I now own rollers and things so I do not need to purchase more. Putting down a tarp is no joking matter. It took quite some time to tap it down and cover all of the important surfaces.

The kitchen painting then began and just looked so wonderful the more white walls were covered in Laser Lemon. Since it is a textured wall we did two coats of paint everywhere then I took a fine tip paint brush and filled in any spots a roller or big brush couldn't get. A fine tip brush is also good for around light sockets since when they are taped you sometimes get a bit of the wall in the tape line.

While the kitchen walls were drying we moved on to the desk areas walls. With the help of these two we got the walls done fairly quickly. TIP: Always ask your friends for help. We ended up having to do three coats of paint on this area not just because of the textured wall but because the color didn't even out until the third coat. Especially along the edge against the ceiling you could see a huge color difference. But with help and more paint we evened the color.

 So here are the after look of the colors during a nice sunny time of day. I put up shelves to display the many trinkets I own. Every time I walk into my house and see the colors shining brightly a smile lights up on my face. I feel so happy cooking in my cute nerdy kitchen and working at my very me desk. (Pardon the messes in some of the pictures these spaces are still works in progress.) 



When I choose my colors and decorate the spaces the only person I am thinking about is me. I am the one who is going to live here every day. I did asked some of my family and friends about the colors I was thinking when in swatch form I got responses like the colors are "too bright" or "not really a kitchen color". I didn't let it alter my vision. Though hearing other peoples opinions was quite helpful because I looked at the colors others offered in suggestions and knew that those were not me and didn't go with my vision for the spaces. Now that the spaces are coming together and paint is fully up everyone seems to love the colors as much as I do.

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