Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY Halloween Wreath

Nothing's better on a front door than a wreath. Typically they are more a Christmas thing BUT I DO NOT CARE. So I started off with this circle hoop thing I found at Micheal's Craft store, holiday ribbon that says "Don't be a scaredy cat" and some orange and black mixed yarn. You want to start by wrapping the color you want for a majority of the wreath all the way around...Tightly!


Next I took the holiday ribbon and strung it around the circle. If I could get the whole sentence to cross the wreath I would run it across and then back again. Then just wrap, wrap, wrap until I could get the sentence again to cross the wreath. This makes for a good caution tape effect with the words and the solid green backs crossing. I just taped it on because I am trying not to cut anything so I can reuse again in a new way next year.
For the next fun detail I took an orange burlap ribbon I got from Target. I folded the ribbon accordion style and ran a piece of thread through the center of it. Before tying the thread off I made sure the ribbon was stretched wide enough around to make a circle the size of our wreath.
I then began to wrap more of the black and orange yarn around the burlap ribbon to  secure and keep its shape and place. As I was wrapping I adjusted the folds in the accordion so that they were more evenly spaced all the way around.  
With the left over yarn I wrapped it up into a tight ball and pinned it on to look like a ball of yarn which fits with the scaredy cat theme.
Lastly I cut out a cat shape with a spare piece of black paper and stuck it in between the ribbon, Simplest step and you can go with whatever cat shape you feel like drawing. It is customizable. (I chose to not cut out eyes because I didn't want to get an exacto-knife out but you totally can.)
TA-DA! I love it.

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