Saturday, September 19, 2015

DIY Halloween Banner

Super easy Halloween banner that looks great! I started off buying two burlap banners (one orange, one black) from Target for $3 each. The banner comes with eight triangles which frankly I couldn't think of anything to write with only eight spaces so instead I took apart the two of them.

You want to start by taking all of the triangles off except one only because then you'd be putting it right back on if you took it off. Then from your opposite colored banner you take the triangle and put it next to the triangle still on the string. 

Remember there is a front and a back to these silver nubs so if you are a stickler for perfection you want to make sure you notice this before you string your entire banner up. As you are stringing the triangle on you'll end up with two different strings of eight all alternating colors so the next step is to tie the two strings together. Make sure the sides you tie together have opposite color triangles.

I did a tight knot in the middle and a loop knot on each end of the banner so I could slip the loop onto a nail.

Now for the letters! Also at Target I got these packs of burlap letter stickers (again one in orange and one in black) for $3 a set. Out of all the things I could have wrote on my banner I chose Happy Halloween which is fourteen letters and now that I made my two banners into one I have sixteen letter spaces it works perfectly! In grabbing the letters I needed I started with the second triangle in to the banners opposite color. Does that make sense? 

I evened out where I wanted the letters to go because they cant be too low but if they are too high they get a bit cut off by the string. Here you find whatever works for you. I tried to keep mine all perfectly the same when you can also but every other one higher for a curvy effect. These sticker letters are so easy to use and super sticky!! Peel off the back plastic and stick wherever you would like. I did make a mistake and it was easy to pick the sticker up and move it to the real spot I wanted without any hassle.  

When you are all done find a spot and hang your creation!

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