Monday, September 7, 2015

Painting My Front Door


I wanted to paint my front door to be a statement piece so that when people come over to my house it is the first thing they see. Then they can know that this is my place and that color is a thing they will see quite a bit of here. I chose green firstly because it is my favorite color and secondly because if it is good enough for Bilbo it is good enough for me. I am a nerd what else can I say. 

I finished painting my front door the other day. Before I could paint I had to sand off the shiny layer that was on top of my wood door since it had never been painted a color before. If I painted over that shiny layer the paint more than likely would have peeled off sooner rather than later. I then taped up the edges, peephole, lock and handle. Before painting I put newspaper all over the floor under the door so that if paint leaked it would not stain my floor. I proceeded to paint it with a white base coat that is a paint and primer blend before applying green paint. The primer will help keep my color lasting longer on the door. My door took a whole pint which is about four or five layers to really get into all the nooks an crannies of the wood. So if you are doing this project you should not have any plans for the day seeing as you cannot shut your front door because it it wet.

This picture was after three coats of paint. From a far it looks solid but as you got closer the cracks/nicks in the wood were not filled. I left to nanny once my third coat was dry and came back to finish it up after. 

I absolutely love having a green front door. I get excited when I see it coming home or leaving. I take a little longer locking my door because I am to busy thinking what a great color it is. Bilbo would agree I think. But my absolute favorite part about having a colored door is when you are inside and you open it. The rim around your door lights up with the reflection of the doors color. It feels magical! 
This picture doesn't do it justice but its the one that came out the best (you can also see the wood color the door use to be). Sometimes its the simple things in life that make me smile the most.

Hope you enjoyed this little painting inspiration.

P.S. I might not even be done with it. It might eventually evolve! I could paint the wood panel lines and the bolts onto it.

And maybe I could add the thief's mark Gandalf scratched in Bilbo's door if I want to go really into the Hobbit theme.

On the inside of my door I could even do something to mimic this gorgeous inside of his door since the inside of mine is still brown as well.

Image result for bilbo's door

The possibilities are endless. Dare to dream big!

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  1. The green door is unique and most defiantly worth a second look. The color just grabs your attention and makes you ponder the personality of the homeowner is. The sun will not fade that color as quickly as others which is what you want. The cracks still left could use some putty and sand it down just a little more.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware