Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trying nail art

How to Galaxy toe nails!
I used a deep blue, grey, purple, confetti/glitter in silver and blue, medium blue sparkles and black.

First I painted a coat of the deep blue once it was dry I used a q-tip with some of the grey lightly on the end and sponged all of the nails and repeated same process with the purple.
After sponging was dry I painted the two different glitters on an let them fully dry. Lastly I used the black to top coat each nail. Before you use the black though you want to wipe off any big glops of the nail polish that might cover all the work you've done 100%. The black is more of a dark see-through cover you want to deepen the rest of the colors. 
This is a zoomed in image of my big toe nail. (Zoomed in because a picture of my foot is not that awesome.) It looks like galaxy print to me. It's mostly about having fun and loving your outcome. 

&Sparkly finger nails 

Which has actually turned out to be one of my favorite ways to paint my nails now. It is simple and looks great. I can't stop staring at them and bonus I am continuously getting complements on them. 

First paint all nails using a gloss with teeny tiny sparkles then once it is dry on the tips you use a bigger sparkle in any color of your choice. You will probably have to do multiple coats of the bigger sparkles on the tip so that it's nice and thick.

Happy painting!!

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