Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hair Transition

Over the summer I got over eight inches cut off so my hair went from quite long to much shorter than I have had in a long time. Don't think I didn't like having long hair because I loved it. Something about long hair feels sexy especially when I took the time to curl it.That was always a surefire way to make me feel better about myself. I also loved rocking a french braid or even side braid.

 BUT that wasn't really what I had been wearing. I got stuck in a hair rut and mostly wore a standard ponytail or even a bun. No frills to be seen. Life got hectic and long hair felt like a nuisance.  

So even when my schedule freed up my hair still felt sad and annoying. Occasionally I would have a fabulous hair day but normally it stayed pretty blah. So I decided a change was needed. A. BIG. HUGE. CHANGE. and chop it was gone.


 As the scissors cut my head felt lighter and the hairs on the back of my neck tingled. (Haircuts feel great don't you think?) At first glance I will admit I was not thrilled with how it looked but I loved how it felt so light, airy and laughable (as in it felt like a laugh). I could not stop touching it for days. It was so strange to buckle my seat belt and not have to move my hair out from under it or hold my hair as I rolled up the window. Now I didn't have to put it up before eating or swing my head all the way to switch what side I was facing on my pillow.

Though I was stumped on what to do with it. Braids didn't really seem like an option nor the tiniest ponytail and I am slightly afraid to curl it. I did find that they all were speaking the truth when they said it is easier to wash and dry shorter hair though I still shed just as much. **They being everyone who ever told me short hair was easier to clean and dries quicker. Since then I have worn my hair a few ways. Braided back the bangs into a half floral crown type thing and then the other was braid back the front sections of my hair into five separate sections and bobby pin them down.

So that is my hair transition and I am still playing around with it. Best part about hair cuts is they grow out and you can do new things with them later. Thanks for reading!

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