Friday, May 29, 2015

Living room plan

Green walls! Not dark but not neon either just a middle of the spectrum green. Green is the best color and my absolute favorite! Instead of television I want to do a projector with a pull down screen. Then when its not being used it pulls up and barely noticeable. That will take up one wall while the other wall I would like to make a tree bookshelf. Here are some but not exactly the shape or style I want mine to be but general idea is the same.

I would love to get rid of the book cases in the rumpus room and have one or two of these. mmm maybe one for the big kids and one for the little onesbranch shaped wall shelving, i really really want this bookshelf at my home, one day..

A tree bookshelf ties into my nature room without being to crazy in the theme. I already have a snuggle up recliner which is just a wider recliner so two people can fit. Its is a darker brown color so for a couch I am thinking more of a lighter color to contrast. I have no ideas at this point because I haven't been couch shopping at all yet.

I think it would be really nice to have a "coffee" table like this one for storing notepads and pens to keep score on when board games are being brought out. Also just other things like coasters inside because I don't know if I generally like coasters just sitting out on tables when nobody has a drink. Also you can have it extended out and keep snack on it while watching a movie.
23 Insanely Clever Products For Your Small Space | A coffee table that lifts up to become a desk. $549.00 at West Elm

If I am to have any plants in my house these three are the only ones I think I would want an aloe plant, small succubus/succulents (not sure if those are different or same) and cactus.

That is the plan so we will see what ends up happening.

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