Friday, May 29, 2015

Workspace Plan

The plan is functional and space saving. I want to have a space to do a ton of projects and planning but not take up the entire room with things. Since the work space is in what is normally the dining room I was thinking of looking for some space saving furniture pieces like these tables that convert to shelves or kitchen islands that have stool space and some even pop up a bigger table area.

Kitchen Island/Space Saver with adorable little stools that tuck underneath when they're not being used - LOVE this!Table that doubles as shelves  
How nice would this be when you have people over. Just take the things of the shelf and open up as a big table. Once people leave you give it a clean and then back to shelves it goes. Also could serve as a second work space.

Desk wise I am thinking a drafting table! It is easily angled depending on what I am working on which is not limiting to my creativity. Also space saving cause can be angled and looks nice as well.

This Drafting Desk would be a great addition to a home office for an artist or designer. Or someone looking for a desk that has a unique industrial design.

For the walls I am thinking the color orange. Like bright neon-ish orange. It is one of my favorite colors as well as there is a big window in the area so it would be a nice color with all that light pouring in. Then when I find or make lots of inspiring quote posters or put up art they will pop.

That is the plan so we will see what ends up happening.

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