Friday, May 29, 2015

Nerd Kitchen Plan

Wall color is hard here because my fandom loves are so vibrant and colorful or absent of color so don't want to clash but also I for sure do not want white walls. I have had a lot of white walls the last five years. All five places I have moved were and probably still are white walls. So the thought is Yellow. Not sure exactly the light to bright I am going to go yet but yellow. It is a very kitchen color, it stimulates hunger (not quite sure on that but I think it is yellow and red have effects on hunger and metabolism) which is great for a kitchen and it just makes me happy. Yellow goes with pretty much everything without having the red and green together makes Christmas effect.

I want to line the back of my cabinets with comic book posters. The shelves will cut up the image a bit so the entire poster wont be seen but then again so will all the dishes. It is more of a this will make me happy project nobody else will probably even know it is there.

So like this cabinet but instead of wall paper there is Captain America poster.

Love this idea, especially for displaying white serving pieces and dishes! Easily changed for different color schemes.  

I am leaning more towards the vintage poster designs because they have the comic stripes behind so there is a lot more going on. The more color going on the better since I don't think I will be allowed to paint the white cabinets the posters will be my pop.

In the idea wheel I also want to get little nerd things you can buy like light-saber popsicle molds, cookie cutters from different shows, legos in the soap pump, R2D2 measuring cups and so on and so forth everything nerdy I can get my grubby hands on. I have nothing so I have the option of slowly buying everything in nerd form.

The ideas are endless but those are the bigger plans for the room. Color and accent prints!!

That is the plan so we will see what ends up happening.

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