Friday, May 29, 2015

Where to start?

So I am moving in three days and all I can think about besides that I need to stop procrastinating on packing is that I need to decide what paint colors I want for each room. I have gone to home depot twice and grabbed so many paint swatches it ridiculous. I don't know what they must be thinking when I leave.

I read somewhere that you should choose the finish of your paint first. So flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semigloss or gloss. Living areas are usually more flat and matte. While halls, kitchens and bathrooms are better with satin or semi gloss because they are more scratch resistant and the shiny stuff for trims. I have no idea though! I have never painted a house. Scratch that I have. I just have never picked the paint when painting a house.

Also I am going to paint my front door. No idea if that is different paint or if there are steps to painting a front door. I guess glossy paint is the best because it is durable and that is what you want in a front door.

I will be living near the beach but I do not want a beach themed house. I actually am not a fan of sand and am just recently starting to get over my fear of the ocean. But yes. No beached themed house. I love lighthouses and nautical things but not throughout the entire house because that is not my entire personality. So my solution is nautical themed bathroom! Then I can keep my light house, anchor, boats, bubbles, rope and pirate flags to a minimum in a small space. Nautical things also feel quite relaxing which is what I would like that room to be about.

Kitchen. Kitchen. Kitchen! My favorite place to be a lot of the time since I am a big food lover and plan on cooking a bunch more so I want this room to be everything I am. I am going to make this a nerdy kitchen. The plan is superheroes, sci-fi, movie and television characters and so much more both in decor but in functional pieces too.

Dining area is going to be more a desk area. I am one person so I don't need a dining table all the time. I have big hopes for this work space though since I will be exploring the blog world and hopefully youtube but also just crafty DIY's in general.

Living room for all my living needs but not really its more my comfort needs. I want a projector! I want a projector and screen to project on instead of television. The room is going to be more of a nature theme. Not like plants everywhere or jungle prints but just greens, browns lots of hopefully wood furniture. Very relaxing place to watch a movie, read or play board games.

FRONT DOOR! Bilbo Baggins green for the door.

Maybe even putting the mark Gandalf left (in glow and the dark paint?!?!?! That could be cool)
                                               Gandalf's mark on Bilbo's door <<< I loved that symbol so much I put it on my gingerbread house last year. xD

           (Hopefully) With this door mat!! 
    LOTR Hobbit TREES Tolkien - Speak, Friend, and Enter- doormat geek stuff. $50.00, via Etsy.

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