Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Looking forward

Tomorrow is my last day of classes then next week is all finals! So relieved but busy up until graduation. My friend, Justin, just today dropped off his cap and gown so that I can borrow it. I did not want to buy one since I really don't ever need one to keep.

I am also heading over the hill to see my mama tomorrow since I did not get to spend mother's day with her. Nothing to fancy just us hanging out and me helping her clean, paint and move things into my parents new place. Then Friday my grandma gets into town from Arizona and we three are all going to hang around the house and do more moving and chatting while my dad and sister are away at a race around LA.

I have started packing up my stuff for my move over the hill. My car is pretty packed but there is still so much to bring another time.

18 more days!!

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