Friday, May 29, 2015

Nautical Bathroom Plan

Blue walls on the lighter side of the blue spectrum. Maybe even each wall gets gradually darker but still super light blues.

The wall behind the door that is not covered by anything and is reflected in the mirror will be my anchor wall. I want to paint different size anchors all over it. Goofy silly anchors to realistic shaped anchors. Probably in white or a darker blue than the wall color.
this would be a cute print to hang in a nautical nurseryI  am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.  kieljamespatrick:  Anchoring Monday away with @Jaima7. What’s your favorite design? (at Kiel James Patrick Factory)

I have a Lighthouse.... nightlight... is the best way to describe it that I still need to paint from Color Me Mine. The only reason I haven't painted it is because I want it to pop out in the room so I am waiting to see the colors that are going to be in the room first. First thought is obviously red and white stripes but there are so many unique lighthouses around the world I am not set on any one color just yet.

I want a world map somewhere in there even if it is the smallest detail. Something wrapped in rope like a basket to keep little hand towels in or just the edging on the medicine cabinet. Maybe a boat, captains wheel, an oar, life preserver, many possibilities but I am going to limit myself so the room isn't cluttered with everything and anything.

There is a window in the bathroom above/in the shower that I want to go get stained glass window stickers to cover up. It will give a nice effect and also privacy since I am on the first floor.

That is the plan so we will see what ends up happening.

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